Upcoming Gig

As some of you may have heard already... You can find us on stage at Rancho Relaxo on January 25th.

We hope this makes you as stoked as us for yet another wonderful evening of music and camaraderie!

Bring your dancing shoes! Or park yourself on a bar stool to take in the show. Hoping to see all y'all's faces then.

Here's a little somethin' somethin'  we've worked on in the studio to wet your palate... Cheers all!


Claire August 24, 2013 @11:06 am
Since ducks don't lactate, pseaumrbly he must be going with more of a ground-up-substance concept, like apple butter or peanut butter. So technically he's referring to semen as cock patc3a9. I can't figure out the duck connection, unless it's something to do with comparing the sound of one to the method of manufacture of the other, i.e. "wack, wack".

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