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We're playing at the El Mocambo on June 30th. If you made it out to our last show at Not My Dog...holy something, it was a good one, no? Aaron was killer on his first gig behind the kit, and the atmosphere was gosh darn incendiary.

The title of this blog post is in reference to this kooky (best adjective) character myself and the roomies encountered one night after the Blue Moon. We were heading (ahem, stumbling) back to the townhouse, when we saw this balding dude in his thirties engaging with a stripper outside Jilly's. The dirty dancer seemed to think they had some previous arrangement requiring him to leave with her in a car (it was a station wagon with wood panelling), but he ended up blowing her off, along with some carcinogens, as I shared a cigarette with him. The kookiest thing, was that this man talked only in rhyme. Freestyle rhyme...making up verses left and right. I shit you not. This man proceeded to rap for forty odd minutes without a break, all the way back to the townhouse, before I finally got him to calm down and stop keeping it so damn real. What followed from our new friend was a hushed, pensive sermon on the calamities of drug addiction and mental health. Turned out “Mark” was a Ryerson graduate who worked at a clinic for addicts, he himself being one of them (not explicit stated, but deduced after the offering of crack). Eventually we bid our farewells and exchanged numbers, me drunkenly offering to record him in the townhouse or have him record on what would have been my second solo album. Nothing materialized out of this of course, as hazy drunken plans tend to get flat pretty quickly. We saw Mark a few more times after that night around the Queen/Broadview strip, always drunk, often rhyming, but he never quite rhymed like that night. I haven't seen him in months now. Our last sighting was in the winter, when Kaleb and I caught him walking down the middle of the road in a snowstorm wearing sunglasses. After the Blue Moon closed, I imagine he may have just evaporated into the atmosphere. Guys like Mark make the world go round and stand still all at once.

Come to our show on June 30th at the El Mocambo if you're brave enough, and you appreciate a good rhyme. We love to play for you. You keep us freestyling.

Good will to all,

Low Hanging Lights.



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