A St. Patrick's Day to Remember

The Low Hanging Lights would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to all the wonderful (and might I add extremely attractive) people who descended on Alio to ring in the Irish New Year with us! ... What? That's not what St. Patrick's Day is about either? K I give up...

Well whatever we were celebrating I'm sure St. Paddy himself would have been proud. Your energy and enthusiasm made the night one of the best LHL shows to date!

We would also like to thank The Sun Harmonic, AKA Kaleb Hikele, and the Water Margin for providing more great music, the staff at Alio for being such great hosts, Ryan for making everybody sound good and to Christian for snapping roll after roll of film (or digital memory... whatever) to commemorate the evening's festivities.

More shows in the works. We'll keep you posted and see you soon!



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