Summer Shows


Hey all,


Here's a rundown of what we've got in store for the next months so far:

- June 9th @ The Cameron House...Sun Harmonic and Elder Sister Plum Homecoming show. Huge slew of artists. Also our 50th ever Low Hanging Lights gig!

- June 28th @ The Press Club...Insulated Picnic Bag EP release with Big Name Actors and more!

- July 25th @ Not My Dog...Acoustic performance with The Dreadful Starlings!

- August 28th @ Baltic Avenue w/ Good Conduct!!

Hope to see you're wonderful faces.






Insulated Picnic Bag Has Landed.


Our long awaited new EP is here for purchase! Thanks to everyone involved. Head over to the Buy/Download page to download it.


- Al, Ian, Aaron.


Solitary City Man Death!!!!!


The Solitary City Man Death Video Is here!!




Insulated Picnic Bag EP, Video and more!


Hey all,


Just a quick heads up to look out for our new EP Insulated Picnic Bag in April or May. Also, we've got a music video for the song "Solitary City Man Death", which will be released in the next couple weeks.


Catch us live March 20th @ The Bovine Sex Club for the Music City North Festival!


Talk to you soon!






Coupla quick notes...


I'm playing a solo gig with my old pal Scott Haynes Nov. 30th @ The Cornerstone in Guelph. Stop by for some sweet nostalgia! Will be showcasing tunes from the new solo album, which is coming along very nicely.


We're playing an electric set at Cherry Cola's on December 12th with Iduna and coupla other acts. Come pop our Cherry Cola. We've never played there before.



Low Hanging Christmas Lights part 2 is going down Dec. 28th @ Not My Dog!! We'll be doing a special acoustic set, a la the Southern Souls videos we released recently. Hungry Lake and Nika Smith have also confirmed. More acts to join soon. Last year was a sloppy blast of festive sonic joy! This year will be even better!


New EP is nearing completion. Hopefully we'll have something to show you in the next month or so.


Al Grantham solo album is about half done.

Goodnight to all, and to all a goodnight.




Still Chuggin' Along


Hey guys,


Almost done our new EP! All we've got left is vocals, trumpet and a little violin to record (you have to look under a microscope to see it!). Right now we're in the process of transfering our analog tapes over to digital, and then we'll be set to start wrapping things up.


Sorry to say that two of our shows got canceled this month, but we'll be at The Rivoli for sure on Sept. 1st, and may be returning to Two Doors Down in September.


We're getting shit done! Serious! Look at this COFFEE! MMM!! HAVE SOME!!!!!!! WHOOOOOO!!



NXNE 2013!!!


Hey guys,


Very happy to announce that we've been selected to perform at this year's NXNE festival in Toronto!! We're still figuring out details, but right now it looks like we'll be playing on Thursday, June 13th at The Central. Midnight set. Can't wait.


Also, in case we forgot to tell anyone, we're currently in the middle of recording a new EP, with buddies Hungry Lake producing. It may be a couple months before it's done, but it's already sounding awesome.


Lots of great things going on right now. You can catch Alex playing a solo acoustic set of new material on May 7th at Rancho Relaxo, and the band's next show is May 23rd at Measure (formerly The Annex Live). Hope to see your beautiful faces.




Upcoming Gig


As some of you may have heard already... You can find us on stage at Rancho Relaxo on January 25th.

We hope this makes you as stoked as us for yet another wonderful evening of music and camaraderie!

Bring your dancing shoes! Or park yourself on a bar stool to take in the show. Hoping to see all y'all's faces then.

Here's a little somethin' somethin'  we've worked on in the studio to wet your palate... Cheers all!




Dearest boys and girls, elves, reindeer, snowman, cherubs, mall Santas and baby Jesus',

We are proud to announce the first ever Low Hanging Lights Christmas concert at Not My Dog on December 15th! A slew of our musical friends have agreed to play with us, and you're all invited! Music will start earlier than usual (around 8 or 9pm) and continue on until the wee hours of the morning, when we all begin to drift off, pranging ducks on the wing and getting off spectacular hip shots.

The person who arrives wearing the ugliest Christmas sweater (as voted on by the performers) will win...*drumroll* OFFICIAL RED RYDER CARBINE ACTION TWO-HUNDRED SHOT RANGE MODEL AIR RIFLE, WITH A COMPASS IN THE STOCK AND THIS THING WHICH TELLS TIME! (or something similar). We are not kidding around here! Red Ryder BB Gun to be won! Y'all best get ugly! The person with the least ugly attire (again as voted by the performers), will win a can of Simonize! Sucker!

We don't care whether you've been naughty or nice (We'd actually prefer if you've been naughty) Come on out on Dec. 15th to share in the holiday fun!

Music all night from the following performers:

- Hungry Lake
- Nika Smith
- Rory Jordan-Stevens
- The Elder Sun
- Low Hanging Lights

And one more band TBA.

This is a free event, but donations are appreciated.

Can't Wait! See you there!

New Site Design And Update


Hey friends,

A couple quick notes for ye.

We've taken a little break from playing live shows at the moment to start rehearsing new material for the album we plan to record this winter. We'll be working with friend and fellow musician Josef Thomas (Hungry Lake) at his studio in East Toronto to craft what we hope will be a monstrous debut demonstration, featuring songs about Little Saigon and porn stars and falling down elevators and solitary urban types and heartbreak and videogames and one night stands and alarm clocks. We don't know when it will be done, but realistically probably not until the summer or later. We want it to be good. Real good. Joe's been working on his debut album for like twenty years or something, so it's not even that bad, in context.

Despite easing up on the live shows, we're playing a gig November 22nd at the Silver Dollar here in the city, then the next night on the 23rd at The Artel in Kingston. We’re super excited for the Kingston show as we’ve never played there before! Should be songtacular! We're also working on putting together a crazy Low Hanging Christmas Lights show on December 15th at Not My Dog in Toronto. We've already got about five acts confirmed and we plan to have music and goodwill all night long. Stay tuned for deets. Ew. I said deets.

We did a little interview/performance for Radio Regent a couple weeks ago, and they wrote up a feature about it, including the full podcast for listen. Check it out.

As you may have noticed, the site layout has been updated. We'll have some merch (t-shirts, buttons, stickers) for sale on here very soon, which you'll be able to buy up through Paypal. Expect that sometime between now and December.

We love you.

- Alex, Ian, Dillon, Aaron



New shows! New Amps! New Songs! New...uh, that's it for right now!


"Woooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaah man! Does that thing turn up to eleven?"

"No, it doesn't. The idea is nonsensical. Can you provide me with any practical reasons for an amplifier manufacturer to integrate an eleventh volume level on an amp? There's a reason why the traditional measuring range of one to ten has been established as the industry standard and remained uncontested for decades, from Buddy Holly to Weezer's "Buddy Holly" and beyond. As for the particular amp you stand here gawking at as if it were an attractive member of the opposite sex fit for child bearing, it features ninety watts of unbridled, madcap, angel-crushing power, and is already considerably voluminous on level six. Now, if we were to turn it up to level ten, it might actually accomplish the unbelievable feat of being louder than that shirt you're wearing. So, would you like to purchase it?"

"Yes. Yes, bra."

Dearest friends,

We have news for you regarding a slew of upcoming Low Hanging Lights shows! Just look!

- August 27th @ The Central Toronto, ON
(Alex Grantham solo acoustic set)
- September 2nd @ Lac Frappe 2012, Lake Cayamant, Quebec
- September 6th @ Jimmy Jazz Guelph, ON
- September 7th @ The Silver Dollar Room Toronto, ON
- September 21 @ Rancho Relaxo Toronto, ON

We want to see you!


Click here to see some photos from our last show at the Silver Dollar. Photo cred to the wonderful Liz Gareri.

Ian and I just bought new amps. They don't go to eleven, but they're plenty loud, and substantially groovy as well. Your Aunt Olga will not approve! Unless she's covered in tattoos! Then perhaps.

We're also working on getting new tunes ready for our live show at the moment, which in turn is helping us prepare for the album we're going to try and record this fall (fingers crossed).

Big things happening. The wheels are turning. The wheels on the bus go round and round.

T-shirts coming as well! And an Ian bobble head!

See you soon!

- Alex
- Ian
- Dillon
- Aaron

Low Hanging Lights


Back like Eddie Shack



You out there.


We're playing at the El Mocambo on June 30th. If you made it out to our last show at Not My Dog...holy something, it was a good one, no? Aaron was killer on his first gig behind the kit, and the atmosphere was gosh darn incendiary.

The title of this blog post is in reference to this kooky (best adjective) character myself and the roomies encountered one night after the Blue Moon. We were heading (ahem, stumbling) back to the townhouse, when we saw this balding dude in his thirties engaging with a stripper outside Jilly's. The dirty dancer seemed to think they had some previous arrangement requiring him to leave with her in a car (it was a station wagon with wood panelling), but he ended up blowing her off, along with some carcinogens, as I shared a cigarette with him. The kookiest thing, was that this man talked only in rhyme. Freestyle rhyme...making up verses left and right. I shit you not. This man proceeded to rap for forty odd minutes without a break, all the way back to the townhouse, before I finally got him to calm down and stop keeping it so damn real. What followed from our new friend was a hushed, pensive sermon on the calamities of drug addiction and mental health. Turned out “Mark” was a Ryerson graduate who worked at a clinic for addicts, he himself being one of them (not explicit stated, but deduced after the offering of crack). Eventually we bid our farewells and exchanged numbers, me drunkenly offering to record him in the townhouse or have him record on what would have been my second solo album. Nothing materialized out of this of course, as hazy drunken plans tend to get flat pretty quickly. We saw Mark a few more times after that night around the Queen/Broadview strip, always drunk, often rhyming, but he never quite rhymed like that night. I haven't seen him in months now. Our last sighting was in the winter, when Kaleb and I caught him walking down the middle of the road in a snowstorm wearing sunglasses. After the Blue Moon closed, I imagine he may have just evaporated into the atmosphere. Guys like Mark make the world go round and stand still all at once.

Come to our show on June 30th at the El Mocambo if you're brave enough, and you appreciate a good rhyme. We love to play for you. You keep us freestyling.

Good will to all,

Low Hanging Lights.



Silver Dollar This Thursday!


Hey friends,


Just writing to remind everyone that we're playing the Silver Dollar this Thursday! Nice!! Here's the details:


The Silver Dollar Room

486 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, Ontario

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Doors Open @ 8:00pm

Showtime @ 8:30pm

Pay What You Can Admission


This is a big gig for us! It would be amazing if you could make it out to show your support! Rebecca is off to Spain for the summer so come help us send her off properly, comprendido?? (that was allegedly Spanish for "understood?", although I used a free translation website a la grade 9 French, so don't quote me on it). If you like greasy blues-rock revival, The Breaks are also on the bill (fresh off a great showing at CMW) Minimalist rock duo StillNative from Ottawa are making it down, and our friend The Sun Harmonic is opening up the night (feat. Phil Hughes on drums!).


In other exciting news, looks like we may have finally found a new full time drummer! After an exhaustive multiple month search, Aaron Bennet will be making his debut on June 8th with us at Not My Dog. More details on that gig to come.


Hope happiness abounds and we get to see all your faces soon.


Mejores deseos, buena suerte.


Alex, Ian, Dillon & Rebecca


Low Hanging Lights



Facebook event page:


A St. Patrick's Day to Remember


The Low Hanging Lights would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to all the wonderful (and might I add extremely attractive) people who descended on Alio to ring in the Irish New Year with us! ... What? That's not what St. Patrick's Day is about either? K I give up...

Well whatever we were celebrating I'm sure St. Paddy himself would have been proud. Your energy and enthusiasm made the night one of the best LHL shows to date!

We would also like to thank The Sun Harmonic, AKA Kaleb Hikele, and the Water Margin for providing more great music, the staff at Alio for being such great hosts, Ryan for making everybody sound good and to Christian for snapping roll after roll of film (or digital memory... whatever) to commemorate the evening's festivities.

More shows in the works. We'll keep you posted and see you soon!



St. Patrick's Day at Alio!


Come celebrate the anniversary of St. Patrick's very first taste of whiskey (or something) with The Low Hanging Lights, The Water Margin and The Sun Harmonic at Alio Restaurant and Wine Bar. This March 17th we hope to pack the place with live music loving revelers, and don't forget it's a Saturday so don't be shy to make a day of it!

More details can be found here.

Hope to see you there, and don't forget your green swag!


New Ways to Keep Up With The Low Hanging Lights


First of all, we have created ourselves a page over on CBC Music, just one more place to hear our music. Head on over and get us lots and lots of plays and maybe someday you'll hear us on the radio. And that would be pretty cool right?

Also, we waded into the exciting (and a little bit frightening to us newbies) world of Twitter. You can follow us @LHL_Band for news, show information, pictures and the random musings of our own ponderous minds. Follow along, and tell your friends! To make it easy we've added a handy Twitter icon on the right of this page... a little further right... now down... you got it!

See you there.


Small Talk EP Release and Show


Our recent hibernation was largely due to the work we were putting in on our freshly released EP entitled Small Talk. It features updated versions of a couple of Alex Grantham classics as well as a new track that will hopefully whet some appetites for our next album that we'll begin work on in the near future.

In addition to the Low Hanging Lights, the EP features Kaleb Hikele (also known as The Sun Harmonic) on the drums, Dan Farrar's accordion on A Sharp Minor Suicide and the lovely guest vocals of Rebecca Harrison, Emily Van de Laar and Iman Wain on Prince Edward County Dress.

You can check out a review by Zach Roth over at Decoy Music here.

In our infinite generosity we have made it available for free download at Bandcamp.

We would also like to thank everyone who performed at and attended the standing room only, full capacity, pull the curtains and don't tell the Fire Marshall EP Release show we put on at the Underdown Pub (R.I.P.). A special thanks to Rebecca Harrison, Nika Smith, Rory Jordan-Stevens and The Sun Harmonic for sharing the bill with us. Couldn't have done it without you guys.

Hope you check out the EP, and happy listening!


Long Time No Post!


So it seems like forever since we've made a new post here, but that's due to our own collective business (read: laziness) rather than a lack of exciting news to share.

Over the following hours (maybe days... that laziness remember?) I'll throw up a few posts to catch up on our comings and goings over the past few months. In chronological order of their occurrence of course. Why not just one big post you ask? Well, because if you're anything like me (i.e. lazy) you'll skip over an epic novel of a post and possibly miss out on some of the recent excitement, and we wouldn't want that!

More to follow... - The Official Site


Friends, family, relatives, Low Hanging Lights are proud to present you with an official website for your surfing pleasures. May these waves be fruitful, and provide you with all the information and stimulation necessary to keep you interested and engaged in our goings on as a band. Now, if you look up at the top portion of the page there, you'll find a list of thingers, and by clicking on the different ones you'll be able to see videos, get news updates, look at photos, read lyrics and more. If you feel ambitious you could even join the mailing list to the right*, where as a member you'll receive early demos, live show videos, personal band messages and blah, blah, blah. Maybe we'll even send you buttons at some point! Anyways, hop on over to the shows section and find out where you can see us play next! Thank you for your ongoing support! Hope you enjoy the site!


- Ian

- Alex

- Dillon

Low Hanging Lights.


* If you're on the old Alex Grantham mailing list, you're already on the Low Hanging Lights one. ;)


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